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Is the MFP Worth the Investment?

Mon Mar 15, 2021


Upgrades are new, exciting and useful. The only question is -- is it worth it to upgrade? In the area of printing, you have printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners to think about. Is it a smart make to switch over to a multifunction printer (MFP)? It's time to filter a "MFP upgrade" through the good investment test.

1. Will a MFP save space?

Consolidation is an amazing way to keep your office running simply and smoothly. To carve away bulky items in your office means a less cluttered and more open feel. Set the tone for efficiency by saving space with a MFP.

2. Will a MFP reduce waste?

Is your office a green one? MFPs help companies protect the environment by reducing the amount of disposable material. A MFP replaces four machines and therefore uses less energy, electricity and requires less packaging.

3. Will a MFP save money?

A good investment means more bang for your buck. The MFP has established itself to save costs in the long run. They are more cost efficient than a row of printers and copiers combined. The MFP has a long quality, life span.

4. Will MFP save time?

Time is money so anything that saves your company times also saves your company money. MFPs have proven to save time in the area of how convenient it is to use from all locations. It is also time-saving to order all supplies from one source instead of many. Another way it saves time is that you don't have to acquire and apply updates. The maintenance time is reduced freeing you up to spend time on other priorities. These factors contribute to allow the MFP to save time in practical ways.

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