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Toner Phoners: Avoid Being a Victim Skip to main content


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Toner Phoners: Avoid Being a Victim

Mon Mar 15, 2021

woman on cell phone First, it seems in order to explain what exactly a toner phoner is referring to, in the context we wish to address. The majority of companies purchase toner from a reputable business, whether online or in the store. Now there are two main tactics that a toner phoner will use, their goal being to either steal from you, or provide you with faulty merchandise. Let's break those down.


Invoice or Request for Payment

Your business receives emailed invoices, mailed invoices, and even requests for payment over the phone all the time. Toner phoners know this, and they're ready to take advantage of your routine. They will find your information online, pose as your toner provider, whether via email, mail or phone, and use high-pressure tactics to get you to immediately settle your bill. Unless they slip up and give you a reason to doubt that you did in fact purchase toner from them, you may fall into their trap.

Discounted Merchandise

The other tactic they'll often use is to offer you a special purchase. A very tempting offer will come into your office, often via phone or email, boasting discounted prices on toner. It's a constant need, so why not save a few dollars on your next few sets? The problem with this, as you can imagine, is that if they do in fact deliver toner to your business, it will most likely be of such poor, compromised quality that it could seriously damage your equipment and print in terrible quality.

The important thing here is education. Make sure you can handle these phone calls, emails or letters, particularly being careful of the phone calls. These toner phoners are trained to make you feel like you have to pay now and you don't have time to "double check something real fast." Don't let them pressure you or your employees into making an unlawful payment, always double check, and stick with your reputable toner providers.