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The Ultimate Guide for Your MFP Purchase

Mon Mar 15, 2021

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 As technology has improved, the options to consider with copiers, large format printers and laser printers have increased in leaps and bounds. Being aware of all of these options can be a huge point of stress. However, if you are educated on the most important options, you'll end up with the best machine for your office or business.

The Choices

In order to make the best choice, we want to help you understand what all of your options are. First, you'll need to choose your color options.

Monochrome or Color?

What will you be printing? If you're just printing standard black and white copies, your best option may be monochrome. However, if you're in need of vibrant color with all the options, you'll want to go with a multifunctional color printer.

Inkjet or Laser?

Are you printing documents in large batches, or planning to print tons of high-quality photos? Laser printers are a great option for large and small businesses, while regardless of business size, inkjet does a great job printing photos.


What type of jobs are you doing that involve printing? If you're trying to print huge batches of booklets and material in a hurry, you'll want a multifunctional printer that can handle the job. It needs to keep up with the pace of your workspace. However, if you're just printing a little bit here and there without much time constraint, you might be able to go with a multifunctional device with a lower speed.


The majority of your multifunctional printers will have excellent scanning capabilities.


Speaking of scanning, do you need to scan documents easily and send them to an email address? Many multifunctional printers have these capabilities. Also, some have a USB port which you can use to connect devices from which to print.

Research all of these options carefully before making your decision, but if you get lost, feel free to give us a call!

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