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Document Solutions for Architecture Firms

Mon Mar 15, 2021

Corporate office

Have you ever tried to follow a literal paper trail? It isn't easy. You'll flip through mountain upon mountain of binders, which will lead you to a monumental filing cabinet- which may or may not be willing to give up its secrets without a fight, or rather a key- and only then begins the hunt for that one folder that might be pushed down too far to spot. Whew. Even that sentence was a chore.

But on a more serious note, what if you never find what you're looking for? It's all too easy to lose a small piece of information, especially when projects are floating back and forth with all kinds of different people involved. What if you get into the unfortunate situation of a lawsuit, and have to produce one key bit of information? An incredible way to protect your law firm against this fear is to employ document management.

Document Management and its Many Security Features

When we say security features, we're talking about everything from the ease of storage and organization (you won't be losing things left and right) to the permission settings which can keep confidential information confidential.

Here are a few of the ways document management will help you avoid a potential lawsuit:

  • Storage - Having a central location for all of your files, their project folders, and all legal documentation is key.
  • Organization - If you can find it, you can prove it. It can be a matter of specific wording and complete proof that help you avoid a lawsuit.
  • Confidentiality - If information is leaked due to files being too easy to access, you could be liable.
  • Security - Document management not only makes files more difficult to access without permission, but it also allows you to be very specific about who has permission.

If you don't have a set standard for keeping track of important documents, it's time for document management systems New Orleans organizations trust. You don't want to end up in a risky situation. Give us a call to chat more about the next step.