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Learn more about some of the finest Ricoh, Lexmark, and HP products on the market today that we are able to offer our customers.

Multifunction Printers

One machine, many jobs.

Multifunction printers play an important role in today’s office environment. You may need to produce and route information in several different ways. On a given day, you may need to print out a document, copy it, fax or email it to someone or store it on your network. Purchasing stand-alone copiers to perform these tasks can lead to large up-front costs and less space in your office.

With MFPs (multifunction printers), you can do all of the above with one machine. U.S. Copy, Inc. can help you find multifunction printers that will let you handle different workloads with greater speed and ease. Your New Orleans business will be more productive and effecient than ever before.

Modern office with a Lanier multifunctional printer

Features of Multifunction Printers

The main features of our multifunction printers are:


The Ricoh and HP printers we sell take seconds to warm-up and start printing. Not only can you print dozens of pages within minutes, you can also print from a USB card, an SD card or a mobile device. Available copiers allow you to save thousands of documents on their hard drives as well, making it even easier to produce the documents you need.


Our MFPs also produce clean, detailed copies of original prints and images.


MFPs (Multifunction printers) also enable you to scan documents to a variety of locations and electronic formats. You can check out previews of scanned documents to make sure that you’ve captured the quality of the originals.


Once you’ve scanned a document, you can fax or email it to people directly from the MFP. You can also create automatic document management workflows to streamline your ability to distribute information.

For more information on our available multifunction printers, view our products or contact us today.

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Laser Printers

An office’s laser printers are the heart of its ability to produce documents.

Depending on your particular industry or interests, you may need to make many different kinds of prints as part of your daily operations. You can choose from black and white laser printers, color laser printers or even large format HP printers for your New Orleans office.

Laser printer

Available Printer Types

U.S. Copy’s selection of devices can print on a variety of media, including:

  • Regular letter paper
  • Waterproof or coated papers
  • Static cling paper
  • Banners

Currently, we offer the following types of laser printers:

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet devices make prints by spraying ink onto a piece. U.S. Copy’s selection of inkjet printers will give you professional image quality quickly, consistently and affordably. Many Ricoh and HP printers are Energy Star compliant, allowing you to conserve energy and reduce waste while printing.

Monochrome & Color Laser Printers

U.S. Copy also offers customers a variety of black-and-white and color laser printers, which use toner (or powder) to make prints. These machines will deliver sharp text and images in seconds. You also have the option of storing documents on the hard drives of some Ricoh and HP printers, which can speed up your printing even further.

Variety of Printers

Multifunction Printers

A multifunction system from U.S. Copy doesn’t just enable you to print pages. You can also copy them, scan them and fax or email them efficiently. For more information on these devices, check out our page on multifunction systems.

Large Format Printers

For customers whose printing needs require more than a standard 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper, U.S. Copy has an assortment of large format printers. These devices can print documents in a wide variety of sizes. Some have scanning capabilities as well. To learn more, see our page on large format printers.

U.S. Copy, Inc. offers a wide assortment of Ricoh and HP printers, such as laser printers and MFPs (multifunction printers), to meet the needs of a diverse set of clients. Whether you need something on a standard 8.5” x 11” sheet or a smaller or larger size, our devices will give you crisp text and vibrant colors day in and day out.

If you have any questions about U.S. Copy’s printers, check out our products contact us today.

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Digital Duplicators

Accomplish the most demanding print jobs quickly and reliably.

For some businesses in New Orleans, fast isn’t fast enough. The document-producing needs of some customers are simply too much for typical laser printers or multifunction printers to handle.

For people who need to produce especially high volumes of documents on a regular basis, U.S. Copy, Inc. offers digital duplicators. These machines enable you to accomplish the most demanding print jobs quickly, reliably and with less energy than other high-speed systems. You can improve your document management workflow while keeping your environmental impact low.

Lanier digital duplicator

Features of Digital Duplicators

  • The powerful features of our digital duplicators include:
  • The ability to print hundreds of pages within minutes
  • Duplexing capabilities to cut down on printing waste
  • Duty cycles that enable you to print hundreds of thousands of pages each month
  • High dpi resolutions for crisper, more detailed images
  • Automatic ink regulation to prevent bleeding and produce more precise copies
  • Intuitive operation panels that make it easier to manage complex print or copy jobs
  • Energy Star-certified design that lowers your energy usage without hampering your productivity

For more details on our digital duplicators, see our product catalog or Contact U.S. Copy.

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Large Format Printers

Bigger and better!

Large Format Printers New Orleans Offices Can Trust

This is why companies in New Orleans trust U.S. Copy for Large Format Printers. U.S. Copy has provided New Orleans with office equipment since 1981! Next, we take care of our customers with excellent service and support. Finally, U.S. Copy provides only the best Large Format Printers from technology pioneers such as Ricoh and HP.

Large format printer

Bigger and Better!

Large format printers give companies with larger print demands the resources they need to get the job done right. If our information could all fit onto a regular 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper, we’d only need standard document laser printers. Of course, that’s not the case. With large format printers, companies have the ability to produce and distribute larger documents. The types of documents needed will vary from one industry to another. Additionally, the type of media stock and size of print necessary to do your job will differ from one business to another. Some of these documents could include:

  • Maps
  • Blueprints
  • Posters
  • Banners

At U.S. Copy, Inc. in New Orleans, we have equipment for customers who need all of the above and more. Some of our HP printers can also be configured as MFPs (multifunction printers) to give your company the ability to copy and scan. Whether you need to print directly onto canvass or scan a large blueprint to a job site, our large format printers give you the tools you need to increase productivity. With our affordable, easy-to-use equipment, you can produce documents of various sizes in-house.

Features of Large Format Printers

U.S. Copy’s large format printers can get you up and printing in nearly no time. Their features include:

  • Warm-up times of 2-3 minutes or less
  • First copy times of half a minute or less
  • High dpi resolutions for sharp, detailed images
  • High GB hard drives that allow you to store thousands of documents
  • Reduce, enlargement and magnification options
  • Ability to scan dozens of inches in minutes
  • Options to scan to USB/SD, email, FTP and more
  • Job Interrupt options to avoid costly errors
  • Edit and Preview options for scanning jobs
  • Automatic, preset and variable cutting options

To learn more about our large format printers and how they can benefit your office, view our products or contact us today!

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Make the transition from hard copies to electronic documents easier.

Keep it Digital: Document Scanners

In the digital world of today, your office’s document needs don’t stop at the papers you hold in your hand. To stay productive and competitive, you need to upload, organize and store information on your network.

U.S. Copy can help you make the transition from hard copies to electronic documents much easier. With our stock of document scanners for businesses in New Orleans, you’ll be able to capture dozens of pages per minute. You can make the first step towards boosting your efficiency, your information security and your eco-conscientiousness.


Features of Scanners

U.S. Copy’s document scanners come with a variety of superior features, including:

  • High dpi resolution to capture details of physical documents
  • Ability to scan dozens of images in minutes
  • Options for scanning to email, network folders and more
  • Wireless and USB connectivity
  • Ultrasonic double-feed detection
  • Durable design that allows for fewer repairs and uninterrupted scanning
  • Options for scanning only specific areas of a physical document
  • Ability to automatically adjust for size and contrast

Document Management Software for New Orleans

U.S. Copy can also help you manage information after you’ve scanned it. With our document management systems, you can route captured documents to others efficiently. You can also store and index them on your network so that you can retrieve them easily if the need arises. To learn more, visit our Document Imaging page.

For more information on available scanners, view our products or contact us today.

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Fax Machines

Make the transition from hard copies to electronic documents easier.

At U.S. Copy, we help New Orleans manage their information better. Whether through IT solutions or with our selection of laser printers, large format printers or scanners, you can produce documents and upload them onto your network at high speeds and low costs. In turn, this helps increase productivity in your workplace.

However, we know that you don’t just need to print and store documents—you need to send them out quickly as well. For this reason, we also offer fax machines that will help you distribute documents faster. With our available multifunction HP printers and Ricoh copiers, you can send information to people who need it quickly. This is yet another way in which we help make your business processes even more efficient.

Fax machine

Benefits of U.S. Copy’s Fax Machines

When you purchase one of U.S. Copy’s fax machines, you get:

Outstanding Efficiency

Our devices can transmit dozens of pages within seconds. You can scan both sides of a sheet of paper and send a fax as soon as you scan the first page of a document. You can also automatically queue jobs if the machine is already in use. Available models come with internal memory and battery backup to ensure that you won’t lose time or resources from a sudden power loss.

Compact, User-Friendly Design

U.S. Copy’s fax machines are designed to fit in smaller areas. At the same time, they hold hundred of sheets, allowing you to transmit faxes steadily. Our devices also feature intuitive control panels that make complex tasks easy to accomplish. Quick Dial and Speed Dial options make it even easier to send documents to regular recipients.

Printing and Copying Options

In addition to their faxing functions, our available devices can print or copy hundreds of pages in minutes. Some models come with special bypass trays that allow you to print onto transparencies, postcards and other stocks.

Reduced Energy Usage

U.S. Copy’s technology partners design their fax machines with the environment in mind. Our products come with such resource-saving features as:
Power-Conserving Sleep Mode
Reduced Ozone Emissions
Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Compliance

To learn more about available fax machines for your New Orleans business, check out our products or contact us today.

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