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Dynamic Printer Shopping

Mon Mar 15, 2021

lady at photocopierHewlett Packard introduced the ThinkJet printer in 1984. These machines cost $495 and produced two pages a minute. Needless to say, copiers and printers have progressed vastly since that time.

If you're checking around for home printers and copiers, then there are options to be aware of.

  1. Single function inkjet: Inkjets operate by producing thousands of ink dots squirted onto the page. Inkjet copiers and printers are usually cheaper than laser, but the ink will more easily smudge. If you don't do a vast amount of printing, it's a great choice.
  2. Laser: this printer has a professional presence in your home office or company office. It prints dynamically in that it involves static electricity that transfers toner from the cartridge and heats it on the page. This will produce a high-quality plain text.
  3. All-in-one: multifunction devices are multi-purpose machines and useful if you will be scanning and faxing as well as printing and copying. They own a lot of features that provide useful outlets to serve your business.
  4. Photo printers: these machines are specifically designed to print quality images. You will have access to editing options, memory card slots and/or a USB connection so you can upload shots.

When shopping for printers and copiers, you should also consider other factors. The price of ink can end up costing you more than the printer did. If you have many office machines, you'll want to think about Wi-Fi connectivity options. Some office equipment has saving features. You may want a machine that has a "fast draft" option so you can save on ink.

Contact us to view our selection of single-function inkjet, lasers, all-in-ones, photo printers, etc. We want to see you with the office machine that will best serve your company's priorities with its functions and features.