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Why Should You Shred Documents?

Mon Mar 15, 2021

shred itWhy should you destroy documents by shredding the paper into small bits? This process -- document shredding -- is a regular step used by many businesses. It is the safe disposal of confidential info to guard against identity theft. Document shredders are actually a member of the office equipment family. They range in size from a small waste basket to a large disposal bin. Some choose to purchase a refurbished paper shredder among their other refurbished office equipment.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is now a multi-billion dollar industry. It is used to fund organized crime. They employ specialized equipment, infrastructure, and skills that are used to create stolen identifications. They thrive on just a few details from your garbage can and use it to produce fake identifications. They are out to steal your identity.

Who should be concerned?

Who do they target? Confidential info resides close to banks, hospitals, and financial companies. So are you safe from needing a paper shredder among your office equipment? We're afraid not. You are responsible to properly manage the disposal of confidential documents. Sensitive info should be protected, and it's your job to do so. As a result, many corporations include a routine document shredding process.

With the management of your firm, there comes an expectation of privacy. Even if you think you'll never be targeted, it's wise to be above reproach and take the extra measure to destroy documents with private information. Think through the data that could turn into gold in the hands of organized crime creators. 1. Document shred 2. Recycle 3. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with properly handling customer and employees' info.

Do you own a document shredder and have a system in place to systematically shred documents? Contact us about buying refurbished office equipment.