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Weighing the Considerations of Copier Rentals

Mon Mar 15, 2021

scalesShould you buy, lease or rent a copier? Do copier rental prices make sense? Stop and take the time to weigh the ins and outs of placing your dollars in one of these three areas. What would best serve your company?

Leasing a copier

Leasing a copier machine usually makes sense if you can count on being able to make monthly payments on time. If you have a temporary rush coming up, it may be a great investment. If you have just begun a new business and aren't sure if it will last long term, a copier lease won't be the most convenient option for you since the leases are hard to break. You might also consider leasing a multifunction printer which can scan, copy, print and fax. Leasing a multifunction copier costs anywhere between $100 and $650 per month. Leases typically last 12-63 months.

Renting a copier

Renting is a smart choice if you only need the machine for a short time and then will not need to use it again. Trade shows, accounting practices during tax season or law firms who have a big case in the works are among those that go the renting route. Copier rental prices actually help companies save on costs.

Buying a copier

Buying a copier means that you are with your machine for the long haul. You'll want to choose a copier that accommodates your needs concerning speed, features, paper size, etc. You will need to do some estimation as to what you need in your office -- not only at the present moment, but what you will need in the near and distant future.

Have questions about buying, renting or leasing a copier or multifunction machine? Contact us right now to review our copier rental prices.