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Network Printers: How they Rescue

Mon Mar 15, 2021

super capeDoes each computer in your office have its own individual printer? That's a lot of printers filling the workspace, cubicles and overall environment of your office. What is the answer to the issue of overprinting? Looking into copier leasing rates? Giving a strict talk to your workers about overprinting? A network printer rescuers both the budget and your sanity.

Network printers are simple to set up and very user-friendly. Let's break down the key perks of setting up a network printer.

Save money

This alone holds considerable weight. Every employee doesn't need his own printer. They just don't. With ONE printer, you only need to provide supplies for ONE printer. Another way you can save money is that you will consolidate your need for support and maintenance, thus reducing costs. You can train all of your staff on operating your network printer.

Save on maintenance costs

Centralize your maintenance crew, office staff and maintenance provider. Singling the focus of your staff will hone in the benefits for your network printer.

Less training

Speaking of unity, all your employees will have the training to run and operate your single machine. When everybody has their own unique brand of printer, suddenly no one know how anything works. This gets frustrating. Network printers help in that you can pitch all those printer manuals and replace them with one.

The Remote Possibilities

Today tech makes it possible to work from home or for coffee shops. Network printers are an aid to this atmosphere. Be able to print from any location.

The Tracking Benefits

It's difficult to get a handle on multiple machines printing at different levels of waste and inefficiency. Network printers are easy to track and manage.

Considering copier leasing rates? Network printers? Contact us about network printers, copier leasing rates, or our other products.