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Track Your Printing

Mon Mar 15, 2021

man and copier

As everyone who has ever used a printer in a professional environment can attest, printing is not always as easy as it sounds. Problems seem to hide around every corner. However, there are solutions that can minimize misunderstandings, errors, and confusion in your most important print jobs--all without requiring expensive technology and complex machinery.

What is Managed Print?

Managed Print is an easy, reliable solution to the variety of problems you might face when using a shared printer. By utilizing individualized queues for each user, managed print guarantees that each print job is only printed and picked up by the authorized employee. After a document is sent to the printer, a server will hold the document in your individualized queue until the printer receives authentication--and the result is a more reliable print environment.

Benefits of Managed Print

Managed print can make your printers work for you by ensuring that each print job is individualized, protected, and timed well.

What can managed print do for you?

  • Boost Productivity. Establishing a reliable print environment is a must in nearly every business situation. With follow me printing, you can rest assured that your printers are set up to boost productivity instead of hinder it--without requiring wildly expensive equipment or complex technology. Managed print simply makes your printers work for you.
  • Improve Efficiency. Managed print establishes a clear, organized print environment with individualized queues for each user. The result is a better way to interact with your printers, a smoother user experience, and a more efficient workday for your company.
  • Maximize Workflow. No more hours wasted over interrupted print jobs and consequently confused documents. Managed print maximizes your workflow by working on each user's personal work schedule--and minimizing issues when it comes to overlapping print jobs.

Looking to make your printers work for you? Searching for reliable Managed Print services? Contact us today!