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Print Services and the Hallway Dash for Security Skip to main content


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Print Services and the Hallway Dash for Security

Mon Mar 15, 2021

office peekers Picture this: a large office building, many offices, lots of printers, even more people, with even more curious eyes. Most of your coworkers are well-meaning, and the majority of visitors are, as well. However, security and confidentiality are always to be taken seriously, even in a trusted environment. Have you ever had a semi, or even highly sensitive or confidential piece of material to print? It's incredibly common, and you may want to ignore the nagging feeling that it isn't completely full proof, but honestly, you shouldn't -- not to mention, you don't have to!

So how do the professionals get around the risk of hitting "print" on a sensitive document, and listening as it immediately shoots out of a shared printer down the hall?

Increasing Printer Security

Quite a few print services these days, from your typical printer to your workhorse, the multi-functional printer, have security options to prevent unwanted attention to your sensitive documents. These features include things like:

  • security codes
  • user ID's
  • user authorized print jobs

All of these features and more allow you to hit print without having one finger on the trackpad and one foot out the door in hopes that you make the dash down the hall without interruption or mishap. You'll breathe easy; the printer won't budge until you get there, enter your own numerical code, and head back to your office. No worries.

So if the coffee machine or break room happens to be near the printer, you can even head there first to have a cup of joe before worrying about your print job; it'll be there when you finish.

If you're jealous of this luxury, allow me to halt you there: it isn't a luxury. If your company handles a single sensitive or confidential piece of material, it's quite necessary for your security. If you have any questions, we'd be more than happy to answer them! Contact us!