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3 Document Management Solutions to Save Money and Increase Productivity

Mon Mar 15, 2021

lightbulb Making your business more productive usually comes down to one simple equation: increasing efficiency plus reducing costs. This is a simplified way to look at it, but it helps to get back to the basics.

With the business solutions available in our modern world, it's not difficult to achieve this efficiency. All it takes is a little planning, the right tools, and some know-how.

Our top ways to reduce your overall costs while upping productivity

1. Reduce Your Dependence on Paper

It's a well-known concept: paper is an expensive medium that many modern businesses are moving away from. Although it's unlikely that the truly paperless office is within reach for most businesses, you can still reduce your overall dependence on paper by moving to a digital document management system. With document management, employees can choose to collaborate and share digitally rather than hitting the print button. You won't have to store cabinets full of paper anymore, and your documents will be safely accessible when you need them.

2. Save Energy

Older machines in your office could be draining energy every day, adding up year after year into a disaster for your budget—and the environment. Choose green machines like energy efficient multifunction printers to reduce your overall power consumption. When you're upgrading printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines, look for devices with energy save modes and automatic shut-off features.

3. Print Smart

When you do have to print, use a little common sense to reduce your costs and waste. Set printer drivers to default double-sided to cut your print consumables costs in half immediately. Preview print jobs before printing to be sure you don't have unnecessary pages or incorrect setup. Choose the draft mode for less important documents to save on ink.

For more information about document management, multifunction printers, or other document solutions, contact us today.