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How Your Old Printing Systems Could Be Holding You Back Skip to main content


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How Your Old Printing Systems Could Be Holding You Back

Mon Mar 15, 2021

man textingIs your ancient office copier still plugging away, day after day? If so, congratulations—you purchased a machine with some longevity. Although there's nothing wrong with using an older copier or laser printer, you may be missing out on some of the newer features of today's devices. You can't teach an old copier new tricks, and you may be surprised how much you'll benefit from the tricks of today's printers.


Today's laser printers have enhanced security features that keep your data private. Most companies rate security as a high priority, especially given recent high-profile data breaches. Protect your company's and client's information with features like PIN or smart card activation, secure release printing, and many other functions.

Cost Control

Did you know that today's printers can make your print-related costs lower? With easy digitizing, emailing, archiving, and sharing tools, you can choose to stay digital more often. It's also simple to print on draft mode of black-and-white to reduce the amount of ink you use. Many print drivers now offer earth-smart printing that helps you reduce your environmental impact while lowering your costs. With features like eliminating pages with only a website banner and default double-sided printing, you can significantly reduce your costs.

Mobile Printing

Today's businesses are relying more than ever on mobile technology. Almost everyone has a smartphone or a tablet with them these days, and these devices are making companies more efficient. New printers make it easier to use mobile printing apps that connect you directly to the printer, making it simple to stay productive from a mobile device.

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