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How to Get the Most Out of Your Scanner

Mon Mar 15, 2021

scannerScanners bring the possibility of a paperless—or less paper dependent—office closer. Paper can be wasteful and gum up your office processes, so going digital is a must-have solution for today's businesses.

But how can you get the most out of your scanner? Scanning to copy or save to a digital file should be done at a high quality, especially if you're making promotional materials. Here are a few tips to get your scanner settings calibrated for optimal quality.

Set Scanning at 300 dpi

When it comes to scanning, dots per inch (dpi) is the name of the game. 300 dots per inch is the industry standard for optimal scanning quality in images and documents. Although you may end up with larger digital files when you set scanning at this setting, you'll get higher image quality and makes it easier to read documents. Opt for a compressed file format like png, gif, or tiff to save space.

Use Your Scanner's Color Modes

Talking about your scanner's color mode refers to the bits per pixel setting options. When you're choosing your scanner's color mode, you should keep in mind that a higher number ("bit") per pixel means a higher quality. However, for less-important scanning jobs, a lower number like 16-bit or 24-bit will work fine. For jobs that need more quality, opt for 32-bit.

Make Scanning Simple

The best way to make scanning simple while maintaining quality is to use a high-quality scanner. Work with a trusted local vendor to find the scanner that fits your business needs. Contact us today to find the right machine for your company.