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How Expensive is Printer Ink?

Mon Mar 15, 2021

money potHave you always had a sneaking hunch that printing is more expensive than it should be? Are you frustrated with your printing costs, but not sure how to lower them? Here are a few statistics you may be interested in:
  • Printer ink is 4,000 times the price of a liter of crude oil
  • Printer ink is as expensive, per ounce, as premium whiskey
  • Businesses that use managed print services see a print-relate cost reduction of around 30%

We'll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor.

Why Managed Print is the Solution to Sky-High Printing Costs

It's a common scourge on business in general that costs are always higher than you'd like. The math is simple, though: the lower your costs, the higher your overall profit. So why can't we get it right and lower printing costs?

The fact is, most companies can't lower printing costs because they don't know how much they spend to begin with. Printing costs are often scattered across several budgets, including IT, supplies, department budgets, and more. To aggregate them all—and calculate other costs like shipping, equipment repair, and energy consumption—is nearly impossible.

Managed print services make all of your printing costs transparent, easy to understand, and accessible. Instead of paying through the nose for a million tiny printing-related expenses, you'll pay one low monthly fee. You'll have predictability and a high level of control without all of the work.

Managed print services can revolutionize your print environment, making you more efficient and lowering costs. Ready to give it a try? Contact us today.