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The Dangers of Buying from Discount Stores Skip to main content


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The Dangers of Buying from Discount Stores

Mon Mar 15, 2021

percent handsThere are several misconceptions concerning discount stores. When shopping for your printers and copiers, it's important to realize the potential mistakes to avoid in buying cheap, low-quality printers and copiers.

Don't just look at the upfront price

You may run into a reasonably priced color copier that seems to be everything you ever dreamed about. However, research the supply costs. They can be your downfall if you aren't cautious.

Who will fix your printers and copiers?

Another deal breaker for cheap printers is that no one will aid you when there is breakage. You will have to drive it to a service facility.

How long will it last?

A cheap system could last little longer than a year. This isn't very helpful, especially if you plan to place high demands on your office equipment.

Think about investments.

If you go with a low-end machine, you could end up buying three devices in four years -- that's with printing around 500 pages each month. This will end up costing you more than it would have to buy a high quality machine.

So while small color copiers and printers are sold at discounted stores, don't just snatch them up in an excitement over the low price tag. They will be hoping you fall for the trick and then be buying their supplies for many years to come. Avoid making a purchase from a dealer and instead go to a retail establishment. This way you can find a price that makes sense without paying an arm and a leg for supplies later on. You will also be assured of a break-fix plan and have a good idea how long the quality machine will last. It boils down to making a good investment.