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FAQs: Purchasing a New Multifunction Printer or Copier Skip to main content


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FAQs: Purchasing a New Multifunction Printer or Copier

Mon Mar 15, 2021

faqIf you're looking into purchasing multifunction printers or copiers, you probably have a few burning questions. It's not easy to find the right model, especially given the sheer volume of options available on the market. It's a good thing that you have a variety to choose from, but it can still be overwhelming to weigh the costs, benefits, and possibilities.

That's why we're here to help. When you're looking for multifunction printers, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should work with a trusted local dealer—then you'll come out on top, no matter what. We have a few quick answers to commonly-asked questions here to help you out.

1. Does Speed Matter?

Simply put, it depends on various things. Today's multifunction printers and copiers are all largely fast, but there are a few things to consider. If you're looking for a high volume of output each month—perhaps for regular conference booklets or multiple-page handouts—you might consider a digital duplicator. If you're looking for a machine to handle the daily grind of copying and printing in the office, a 20-30 page per minute speed will be fine.

2. Inkjet or Laser?

Again, it depends. If you're printing in color regularly, an inkjet printer may be the best way to go. However, laser printers tend to be faster and have cheaper ongoing costs for toner. Look at what you already do to determine whether inkjet or laser will fit your company.

3. Black-and-White or Color?

It's an old mindset that color is too expensive. Today, color ink is usually close to the price of black-and-white ink. We recommend purchasing a color printer, and if you need to save on ink costs at any point, simply print in black-and-white.

For more help finding the right machine for your company, contact us today.