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Comparing Copiers and Multifunction Printers

Mon Mar 15, 2021

pros and consIt's shopping time. How do you know whether you should purchase a copier or a multifunction printer? Or should you just enlist copier services/copier renting? The answer to these questions lie within your workday, and you only need to pause and think about it. Let's discuss the difference and similarities of copiers and multifunction printers.

The Copier

Copiers participate in the workday in a simple but strong way. A standalone copier does one job: duplicating documents. Copiers with digital technology can be connected to a computer network. You will then be able to print files from across the office, ended faxes or scan files to store electronically. Most copiers can sort and bind and do well with big jobs. You must be prepared to pay a relatively high up-front purchase cost, but supply costs will be manageable.

The Multifunction Printer

A multifunction printer encapsulates the roles of a printer, copier, fax machines and scanner all in one. They are reliable and efficient, also environmentally friendly. The initial purchase cost is lower, but you must take into the account the price of supplies and maintenance costs.

Which Is My Match?

The choice lies in the priorities and demands of your business. If you have lower printing needs and simply need to duplicate documents on a regular basis, then the copier is for you. We recommend looking into copier services. If you have mass document outlets going on, a multifunction devices can handle these tasks for you. Ultimately, both of these devices save you time, space, money and frustration when compared with owning and up-keeping an excessive printer fleet.

Are you in need of copier services in Dallas, TX? Contact us today to find help to match you up with the perfect printing device.