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Choose the Right Photo Paper in 3 Easy Steps

Mon Mar 15, 2021

baby picsIf you're a photographer or regularly print photos, you know that your printer quality matters just as much as the quality of your camera. With the right printer, you should be getting high-quality printed results. But what if you still aren't?

It could be that you haven't purchased the right photo paper to make your printer's abilities shine. How do you know if you have the right printer paper, or how to find the right paper?

Tips for finding photo paper for your printer

1. Choose a Surface Finish

The most popular photo paper finishes include glossy, semi-gloss, matte, classic, and canvas. There are benefits and advantages to all of them, but the look that you want your photo to have ultimately determines what you choose.

Glossy or semi-gloss paper is a popular choice and is often the most-used option. The glossy paper reflects the light most, which can be a good option for photos. Matte, on the other hand, provides higher contrast and tends to display detail better.

Canvas is a popular option for hanging and framing prints since it provides a rich texture with great detail and saturation.

Classic paper is a good solution for art prints or other bright-colored prints.

2. Consider Longevity

Notice how photos tend to wash out over time? Photos fade, even when kept out of direct sunlight, and over time the quality diminishes. That's why choosing a good photo paper can have lasting effects. If durability and longevity are important for your print, research the archival rating of your photo paper.

3. Look at Manufacturer Recommendations

Your printer's manufacturer should recommend printer paper that will work well for your printer. It's a good place to start for finding the right photo paper, particularly if you're feeling lost or frustrated with your current photo paper choice.

For more information about choosing the right printing systems, contact us.